eXstream Solutions, recognized as a leading digital media application service provider (ASP), understands the value of digital media and why it will become a competitive necessity in your 21st century organization. Our comprehensive suite of products and services enables our clients—media companies, universities, and businesses of all sizes—to quickly and economically deploy an engaging multimedia experience. eXstream’s digital media applications integrate audio and video with interactive elements and collaboration tools. We empower your organization to dynamically produce a completely customized end-user experience through our secure and easy to use web-based digital asset management software. By simplifying the publishing, production, and delivery processes, eXstream Solutions provides you with the tools to revolutionize the way your business communicates— transforming your media into a next generation interactive network.


eXstream’s digital media applications provide an effective new form of communication by integrating the power of distributed multimedia with the benefits of collaboration and interactivity. Our customized applications include:

Media Applications:
• Pay-Per-View Sports, Music and
• News, Fashion, and Financial Programming
• Virtual Demonstrations and Tours
• Media Production and Collaboration
Enterprise Applications:
• Product Sales, Training, and Support
• IT Training
• Distance Learning and Education
• Financial Presentations and Road Shows

Digital Content Communicator
Our Digital Content Communicator (DCC) software is a Digital Asset Management tool designed to facilitate the management, publication, production, and delivery of multimedia. With the DCC, you are empowered with intuitive administration and authoring tools that give you full ownership and control over your digital media assets and applications.

eXstreaming! Platform
The eXstreaming! platform is an application hosting environment designed to optimize the delivery of streaming media. The platform is customized to meet the needs of your organization by using pre-built modules that reduce time to market and reliably scale to meet user demand.

Digital Media Services
eXstream can assist you in all aspects of development and implementation to ensure a smooth and successful transition into the digital media age. eXstream offers a variety of consulting and support services including: Digital Consulting, Systems Integration, Hardware and Network Architecture, Digital Media Editing and Encoding, Database Design and Development, and Training and Customer Support.




The evolution of the Internet and the
expansion of global networks have brought us to the brink of an information-based revolution. The narrowband road of yesterday’s Internet is rapidly being replaced by a high-speed global information superhighway. The development
of these broadband networks is enabling powerful new forms of communication delivering rich media experiences. Today’s progressive-thinking decision makers are seizing this opportunity and embracing innovative technologies to transform established business practices and methods of communication.