Harvard JFK School and eXstream Solutions Jointly Launch Cuban Missile Crisis Site

A Focus on E-learning: In conjunction with “Thirteen Days,” a special Forum brings history, entertainment, and e learning to an exciting reality.

CAMBRIDGE, MA - (February 21, 2001) - Harvard University and eXstream Solutions jointly released their latest website, www.cubanmissilecrisis.org , with a special Forum to discuss the new movie “Thirteen Days” and the circumstances that surrounded the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. The website explores the history of the Crisis through articles, reviews, audio, video, and historical documents. It also merges Hollywood with education by allowing and encouraging site visitors to learn about the film depiction of these events and even track risks of nuclear war today.

The Forum, attended by 850 people and chaired by Graham Allison, Director of Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs; Author, Essence of Decision: Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis, stressed the importance of giving the film a strong historical background, despite “Thirteen Days” being a dramatization of factual events, not a documentary. Panelists for the Forum included Robert McNamara, Defense Secretary under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson; Theodore Sorenson, former special counsel and adviser to President Kennedy; Ernest May, Charles Warren Professor of History; Co-Author, The Kennedy Tapes: Inside the White House during the Cuban Missile Crisis; Peter Almond, Co-Producer, “Thirteen Days.” The panel discussed and debated what really happened during the Cuban Missile Crisis and the new collaboration of video, audio, and text images - View Video

Graham Allison stated the importance of this new visual collaboration when he remarked, "In the Hollywood blockbuster Thirteen Days, the dramatic events, palpable tension, and key lessons of the Cuban Missile Crisis are brought to life for a whole new generation of students. In collaboration with the Producers of Thirteen Days and with outstanding technical support from eXstream Solutions, we have been able to create an innovative new E-learning environment that promises to both excite and educate students about this pivotal moment in history. We hope that www.cubanmissilecrisis.org will be used as a resource by both scholars and students alike.”

“This visual collaboration pushes technology to its limit, demonstrates the power of E-learning, and provides a fantastic opportunity to show the limitless potential of Internet based education,” said Aby Alexander, President of eXstream Solutions.

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