MCBI and eXstream Solutions will deliver the latest innovations in medical technology in an interactive classroom

CAMBRIDGE, MA -(February 9, 2001)-- In an effort to further its Telemedicine and Continuing Medical Education Programs, MCBI has established a collaborative partnership with eXstream Solutions, a provider of digital media technology software, infrastructure, and services, that enable highly interactive multimedia-centric e-learning content. By combining the advanced virtual classroom technology of eXstream Solutions with the expertise of some of the world's finest physicians, MCBI is providing an e-learning solution for its Telemedicine and CME programs. This collaboration has created an effective platform for MCBI to inform medical colleagues around the world of the latest advances in medical procedures and technology.

The program was launched on February 7, 2001 in Boston, Massachusetts by MCBI - Boston and MGR Medical University Chennai (Madras) India . The program was introduced by Dr. Ahmed Mohiuddin, Chairman & CEO, Chief Emeritus of Cardiology at the New England Baptist Hospital and was followed by a presentation by Dr. David Gomlin on the topic of "The Role of ACE Inhibitors with Hypertension In The New Millennium". In attendance in Chennai was Vice Chancellor Dr. K. Ananda Kannan Tamilnadu MGR Medical University - Chennai ( Madras India ), Deans from a number of prestigious Indian medical schools, eminent cardiologists, physicians and medical students. Vice Chancellor Dr. Ananda Kannan stated, "In our Telemedicine program with MCBI, this conference was a real eye opener in the power of technology in creating a virtual clinical class room effect." He also said that a post graduate student stated that it "was like attending a major international medical conference without leaving the country."

"We are very pleased to work with eXstream Solutions on this exciting project. For the first time, we can deliver the latest in medical technology in an interactive classroom setting to all of our colleagues regardless of their global location," Dr. Mohiuddin commented. Those who could not attend, they can view the class via video on-demand- by logging into the MCBI website following the class' conclusion at Said Aby Alexander President and Chief Technology officer of eXstream Solutions, "Partnering with MCBI makes telemedicine and continuing medical education a reality. Our technology enables MCBI to compile their valuable knowledge and reliably distribute it across geographic boundaries in a secure and scalable manner."

About MCBI

MCBI specializes in tertiary care, the treatment of difficult medical conditions that require advanced and complex procedures performed by top medical specialists at modern, state-of-the art hospitals. Their telemedicine CME programs are designed to provide education to this distributed audience of physicians located around the world. By using this advanced digital media management platform, MCBI will be able to provide a highly interactive virtual classroom environment and facilitate knowledge share through the archival of content on an on-demand basis for additional reference.

About eXstream Solutions

A leader in delivering live and on-demand multimedia-based e-learning solutions, eXstream Solutions enables educational content providers and Global 2000 organizations to create, manage and deliver content within a virtual classroom environment. eXstream's Open-Learn product suite provides users with a more compelling online learning experience by integrating live and instantly archived on-demand audio, video and text with collaboration tools and interactivity. Open-Learn leverages robust digital content storage and delivery capabilities to manage this valuable content. As a result, eXstream's software and infrastructure transforms traditional trainings into valuable content across the extended enterprise. eXstream has offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts and New York City.

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