The iCON Conferencing Product Suite is comprised of three products: iCON Video Client , iCON Administrator and iCON Producer. Used together, the iCON Product Suite offers a comprehensive e-conferencing solution for three distinct user groups: the Conference participant; the Conference Administrator; and the Conference Presenter. Each individual module can be purchased as a standalone product and integrated with your existing conferencing and event management infrastructure.

I. iCON Virtual Client Features

The iCON Video Client provides the participant interface
and includes the following features:

Browser-based Access
Customized and Branded User Interface (GUI)
High-Bandwidth (audio & video) and Low-Bandwidth
(audio only) Access
Synchronized Presentation Materials
Interactive Table of Contents
Live Interactive Chat w/ Instructor
Presentation Material Print and Download Capability
Navigation Controls (next slide, previous slide, etc.)
Links to Reference Material
Scrolling Transcript
Bandwidth Meter
Presentation Controls - Preview slides, Print functions
Connection Testing Wizard
Customizable Buttons (used to present web objects or alternative website resources)
Surveys and Polling

II. iCON Administrator Features

The iCON Administrator provides the presenter and the administrator includes
the following features:

Web-based Conference Enrollment
Web-based Conference Administration
Conference Security
Email Enrollment Notification
Email Registration Notification
Pre-determined Access Privileges
Content Management

III. iCON Producer Features

Open Learn Producer is a publishing and production tool that enables instructors to author all course elements and includes the following features:

Web-based Authoring Tool
Flash Introduction Upload Capabilities
Live Video and Audio Webcast Capabilities
Instant Video-On-Demand Archiving
Synchronized Presentation Tools (video, audio, course material)
Conference previewing
Conference web publishing
Creation of Video only and Synchronized presentation modules
Surveys and polling
Live chat with participants
Alternative Web Resource Links
Presentation Editing Tools

IV. Hosting

The iCON Conferencing application is a comprehensive hosted solution . The cost of hosting the application varies with usage.

V. Support and Maintenance

iCON Conferencing product suite includes a 90 day warranty. Yearly maintenance can be purchased at an additional cost.

Optional Services

The following additional features to the iCON product are available at additional cost.

These include:

Studio Production
Design Services
Digital Rights Management
CD-ROM Production Capabilities
Database integration
Real-time Application Sharing
Custom Reporting